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Coworking space in Dombivli

Dombivli is located in Mumbai in the Thane District of Maharashtra. Dombivli is a part of the Mumbai metropolitan region. Dombivli is covered by a hill station.

Dombivli is honored as the first fully educated town of Aisa but has been taken over by the town of Kerala. Dombivli is a beautiful place for the weekend.

The beautiful landscape and the emerging infrastructure in Dombivli have captured the attention of working professionals as more and more entrepreneurs are looking to avail the services of the coworking space in Dombivli that this region has to offer.

Nearby amenities

In Dombivli there are lots of schools and colleges for good education and some colleges are most famous for their study or discipline such as GR Patil college, Eknath B.Madhavi college, etc. In Dombivli, there are many famous shopping malls as well which working professionals can enjoy in their leisure time.

Working professionals can also avail banking facilities with complete convenience as there are several banks and ATMs that surround the location.


Dombivli is connected through roads and rail routes which connect the region to other parts of Maharashtra. The Kopar, Dombivli Central Cabin, and Datiwali railway stations are popularly used by working professionals to commute from one location to another.

The Bhopar Gaon and Tirupati Chawl bus stops are popular bus terminuses.

Why choose coworking space in Dombivli for business?

Dombivli is a town of Mumbai which has good infrastructure and has developed to become an essential industrial area.

There is a thane near it. No problem with transportation in the nearby area or other cities. And has a good power supply. It is the best place for a startup because it is fully surrounded by offices and posh coworking spaces in Dombivli.

There are many coworking spaces in Dombivli to choose from, and they’re run by professionals who provide the resources and offers you need to start and maintain a profitable business.