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Virtual Office Benefits

Mail Handling

Get your mails received, sent and forwarded.

Office Assistant

Get all your tasks related to client executed by an assistant.

Professional Address

Get your office established with minimum cost in prime locations.

Customer Support

Uninterrupted support will be provided to handle all your queries.

Telephone Answering

An executive will be there to receive all the calls on your behalf.

Courier Service

All your letters, packages etc will be received & handled by us.

Types of Services

 GST Registration

Get a GST number with the help of a virtual address. All the necessary documentation like NOC, electricity bill, agreement etc will be furnished.

 Business Registration

Get your company registered using a virtual office address at a prime location. Complete documentation & all the in-office services will be provided to you.

Mailing Address

Get an address where all your business communications such as mails, packages will be taken care of. Use that address for all your official work, viz website, visiting card etc.

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Entrepreneur, Delhi

I highly recommended coworkingers for their virtual office services, From the day I took this service from them, I had never faced any issue.



I must say that this is the best community I ever had and I am glad to be a part of it.


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Virtual Office In Gurgaon

Looking for a virtual office space in Gurgaon,  don't worry we have got you covered.

At Coworkingers you can find a wide range of cheapest Virtual office in Gurgaon,  with our help you can buy virtual office address in Gurgaon without breaking the bank.

There are many people in Gurgaon who are looking for a virtual office to make their work easier. Virtual offices offer the freedom of working from home with all the perks of having an office. Now, finding the best virtual office for your needs is not a difficult task. In this article, we will provide you with the perfect virtual offices that suit your requirements.

What is Virtual Office?

With the assistance of a virtual office, which provides a number of services that are often available in a real office but are performed over the internet, working from home or on the road has never been easier. In addition to this, it gives companies the opportunity to set up shop and maintain a profile in a desirable location without having to spend the money necessary to acquire a real location. 

Companies are able to keep a presence in the "real world" with the assistance of a virtual office, which allows them to do so without incurring the high fees that are connected with traditional office premises. Long-term leases and a large administrative workforce are two examples of these costs. 

Employees are able to work from any location thanks to the provision of important services offered by a virtual office, such as a real address, telephone answering service, meetings, and video conferencing.

Why Choose Virtual Office?

Maintaining your company's reputation for professionalism and legitimacy is made much simpler when you have access to a prestigious business address through the use of a virtual office. 

When it comes to establishing trust in marketing materials such as business cards, websites, and emails, having an office address and phone number is more effective than having a cell phone number and a residential address. The end result is increased professionalism and credibility, in addition to a feel that is friendlier and more approachable.

One of the most significant advantages of having a virtual workplace is the opportunity to work from home when necessary. If you have a virtual office, you are able to conduct business virtually anywhere you have access to the internet, including the convenience of your own home, a public place like a park or beach, or even a coffee shop. If the only thing you truly require to run your company successfully is a connection to the internet, a virtual office can be the ideal solution for your organization.

Services Provided by Virtual Office in Gurgaon 

Simplify and expedite your GST registration process with our virtual office for GST Registration, ensuring compliance and seamless documentation.

Establish your company effortlessly by utilizing our virtual office for Company Registration, providing expert guidance and support throughout the registration journey.

Eliminate the hassle of mail management as our dedicated team efficiently handles and organizes your mail, ensuring timely delivery and secure handling.

Elevate your business image with a prestigious Business Address in Gurgaon, offering a professional and credible presence for your clients and partners.

List of Top 10 Top Virtual Office In Gurgaon

Due to its convenient location and abundance of impressive real estate, a virtual office in Gurugram has attracted a lot of attention. Here is the list of the top 10 Best Virtual Offices in Gurgaon:

  1. Altf, MG Road
  2. India Accelerator, MG Road
  3. CoworkInsta, DLF Phase 4
  4. Fume. Udyog Vihar-4
  5. Reoffice Nirvana Courtyard
  6. Altf, Golf Course Extension
  7. Startup Office 101, Golf Course Road
  8. WeWork, Udyog Vihar-4
  9. WeWork, Udyog Vihar-3

Get yourself a corporate business address in Gurgaon with this ideal virtual office in Gurugram for company registration.

They offer first-rate amenities like mail/courier handling, office assistant/ front desk, bank account opening, customer, company registration, GST registration, and prominent address that can be used on visiting cards, letterheads, email management, etc.

The nearest bus stop is Sikanderpur bus station, which is 250m away and the nearest metro station is  Sikanderpur metro station which is just 350m away from this coworking space. It is ideal for big businesses, startups, solopreneurs, and cramped offices. The price for a dedicated desk is 15,000 INR per seat, 30,000 INR for a private cabin, and 42,000 INR for a virtual office.

3rd Floor, JMD Empire Square, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Google Rating:
3.9 (86 reviews)

By associating with them you get professional support, access to physical presence, call handling and bilingual receptionist, voicemail access with sound files, and complimentary coworking access.

The nearest bus stop is the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd bus stop which is just 230m away and the nearest metro station is MG road metro station which is just 300m away. This place is perfect for offices, new businesses, or independent work. It will cost you 19,000 INR for a virtual office.

Location: Ground Floor, MGF Metropolis Mall, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
Google Rating: 4.4 (111 reviews)

This is the most ideal Virtual office for GST Registration in India as they help in streamlining your process of GST registration of your company or business with legal documents and more.

Their membership offers amenities like a prestigious business address, reception service, mail handling and forwarding, and one-year registration at a very reasonable price, etc. 

The prices for this virtual space start from 20,000 INR per year. This place is perfect for use in corporate settings, business start-ups, independent jobs, and tiny offices. This place is 1.6km away from sector 42/43 metro bus station and the nearest metro station is just sector 42/43 which is just 1.8km away.

Location: 7th & 8th Floor High rise, Vyapar Kendra Rd, near Galleria Boulevard, Supermart-1, DLF Phase IV, Gurugram, Haryana 122009
Google Rating: 4.8 (126 reviews)

Their facilities include 24/7 access, a business address, live reception service and mail handling and packaging. Writers, businesspeople, and those launching new ventures will find this environment most conducive. The prices for this virtual space starts from 10,000 INR per month. Sector 42/43 metro bus station is just 290m away and the nearest metro station is Sector 42-43 metro station which is 550m away.

Location: 1st Floor, Global Foyer Mall, Golf Course Rd, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
Google Rating: 4.2 (49 reviews)

The virtual space service offers business owners all the benefits of commercial property, including an office address and phone number, communication and administration services, and access to meeting rooms. This place is best for entrepreneurs, small enterprises, and freelancers. The prices for this office space starts from 18,000 INR per month. Vatika Tower bus stop is just 450m away from this place and the nearest metro station is sector 54 chowk metro station which is just 170m away.

Location: 101, 1st Floor, Centrum Plaza, Golf Course Rd, Sector 53, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
Google Rating: 5 (6 reviews)

This place is ideal for a creative agency, a lean startup, or a large enterprise. The virtual office space offers a variety of flexible options such as phone call management, reception services, email assistance, provision of official office address, and more are just some of the amenities offered by this space. The prices for this virtual office starts from 70,000 INR per year. Shyam chowk bus stop is just 290m away from this place and Cybercity metro station is 850m away.

Location: BlueOne Square, Udyog Vihar Phase 4 Rd, Gurugram, Haryana 122016
Google Rating: 4.5 (242 reviews)

Amenities such as physical office address, call management, email management and virtual conference are offered on a virtual level. This place is ideal for small businesses and startups. The prices for this virtual office starts from 70,000 INR per year. The nearest bus stop is Udyog Vihar Phase 2/3 which is just 280m away and the nearest metro station is Cyber city metro station which is 1.3km away.

Location:Vi-John Tower 393, Phase III, Udyog Vihar, Gurugram, Haryana 122016
Google Rating: 4.3 (133 reviews)

8. Fume, Udyog Vihar - 4

They have catered to an ample number of members with world-class amenities like physical address, courier and mail handling, office assistance, phone or email customer support, and business registration. This place is ideal for small businesses and startups. The prices for this place start from 18,500 INR per year. Shyam chowk bus stop is just 600m away from this place and Cybercity metro station is just 1.1 km away.

Location: Plot- 76-D, 1st floor, Phase IV, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Google Rating: 4.5 (83 reviews)

9. ReOffice Nirvana Courtyard

The office space at ReOffice, Nirvana Courtyard is an inspiring example of innovative and thoughtful design. Intentionally designed for members to gather, network, and get work done. They offer amenities like IT support, receptionist courtesies, mailroom management, GST registration and many others, etc. The prices for this virtual office starts from 42,000 INR per year. Nirvana Country bus stop is just 700 m away from this place.

Location: Courtyard, TOWER-C, Nirvana Courtyard, 607-608, Nirvana Country, Sector 50, Gurugram, Haryana 122018

Important Factors While Choosing a Virtual Office 

Before choosing a virtual office, consider these four factors:

1. Choose Location:

Your business will be primarily online. Choosing a decent virtual office location is still important. You're easy to find for business. Employees should readily access virtual workplaces. They won't want to work for you if they have a long commute. A location should be near a major transit hub to maximize foot traffic and consumer access.

2. Determine your company's needs.

Virtual office providers offer a business address, live receptionist help, mail forwarding, video conferencing rooms, and meeting spaces. Not every creative concept has a business application.

Focus on the services that help your organization develop. This can help you evaluate potential virtual office providers.

3. Cloud-based office platforms are available.

After deciding on your virtual office's must-haves, research service providers so you can make an informed choice. Having several options lets you choose based on each's details.

4. Read your lease carefully

Longer leases usually save money. A long-term lease may be preferable if you require a virtual office for a long time. A physical site boosts client credibility.

If your business is just starting out, we offer shorter leasing terms. With this method, you can end your lease early without costly landlord fines.


Using a virtual office allows you to expand your business without having to physically move. This alternative of expanding a company is less expensive and less disruptive than the usual procedure, which requires relocating to a larger office and paying even higher rent rates. Using a virtual office address eliminates the need to physically move to a new location, allowing growing businesses to enter new markets or keep multiple offices in different parts of the country.

Other Top Location in Gurugram where we provided Virtual Offices :

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