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Coworkingers will help you spot the perfect space for your business regardless of the business size and niche. They have some finest spaces that provide amazing infrastructure and the apt services. You can filter the spaces available and pick the right one for your business. Make sure to glance at all the spaces available at Sakinaka.
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Coworking space in Sakinaka
Sakinaka is in the outskirts of Mumbai, located at Andheri-Kurla Road. Sakinaka is neighboring the Andheri east, is well connected to various parts of the town in the central and western suburbs of Mumbai.

The international airport is at a walk of 10 mins, and Sakinaka Metro is 7 mins walk away from West Express Highway. Situated at a brisk walk to Sakinaka Metro station and a bunch of restaurants, the shared office concept is perfect for SMEs and large MNCs alike.
Nearby amenities
This area caters to a large number of manufacturing and industrial units. However, of late, most heavy industries are moving out and being replaced by the services sector, namely banks, information technology, call centers, etc. The Times Square commercial complex is admired to be the most important commercial arena in Saki Naka.

It’s considered a manufacturing hub for plastic mold manufacturing. Manufacturing of industrial plastic mostly takes place in Sakinaka. Sakinaka is additionally a hub for diamond cutting and polishing. This territory is defamed by its traffic, with indispensable traffic at the main junction point of Saki Naka as a chief industrial area of Mumbai.
The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport bus stop is just a 12 mins drive away from Sakinaka. Also, the Ajmera Marol Naka metro station is also a 13 mins drives from Saki Naka as well. Overall, you can commute in Saki Naka with the help of buses and cabs.
Why choose coworking space in Sakinaka for business?
Coworking spaces in Saki Naka are ideal places for your startup or business. These Shared office spaces are used by multinational companies, freelancers as well as start-ups. You can get access to all essential services as well as a professional workstation at a low cost.

Those wishing to rent or lease space for a more extended period of time are offered a special working environment at the coworking space in Saki Naka. Overall, this place is perfect for those who wish to launch their business operations. Thus coworking spaces in Sakinaka are the best for business purposes.
Which is the best coworking space in Sakinaka?

The best coworking space in Sakinaka is Co.Lab.Oratory Asia.