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Kolkata, known for its rich cultural heritage, embraces a work culture that blends tradition with innovation. The city fosters a strong sense of community, encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Kolkata's work culture values diligence, creativity, and respect, contributing to a harmonious and vibrant professional environment If you are Searching for coworking spaces in Kolkata, There are luxurious coworking spaces available in all parts of India at present. All of these have unique and personalized amenities, which is one factor that attracts their clientele. Another is the money and time such spaces help to save. However, it can be quite overwhelming to decide where to invest your time and money. For this, Coworkingers is the ideal platform.
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Coworking Space in Kolkata | Shared Office Space in Kolkata

The city of joy is primarily known for its diverse culture, passion for football, and taste in fine arts. However, Kolkata is rapidly emerging as one of the most prominent business locations in the world. Backed by a sudden resurgence in the field of Information Technology and infrastructure, Kolkata is now ready to take the global market by storm.

The city is home to some of the most recognized start-up firms and has been successful to gain the attention of international investors that have taken it to the top of the corporate ladder. Due to this resurgence in the corporate landscape, the city is now home to some of the most iconic coworking spaces.

Start-ups and modern-day freelancers in Kolkata can operate within the walls of these Shared Office Sapace in Kolkata as they provide a professional working environment that influences productivity and maintains a high level of motivation. This factor has directly contributed to the growth of the domestic market in Kolkata.

As well as we have the best options for you if you need a virtual office in Kolkata for your startup or business. You can even book a meeting or conference room in Kolkata through our website.

Facilities available in Coworking Spaces in Kolkata

Kolkata has various attractions in the form of restaurants, hotels, and entertainment centers. Some of the most popular restaurants that are present in the city include Peter Cat, Lords and Barons Lounge, Trincas Restaurant, and Bar, and the Iconic Coffee House. 5-star hotel amenities from the Park Hotel, ITC Sonar, and JW Marriott Chingrighata can be availed.

The city also has various adventure sports in the form of Nicco Park, Science City, and Aquatica that can be visited by working professionals during leisure time.

Connectivity of Coworking Spaces in Kolkata

People of Kolkata can avail of various forms of public transportation in the form of metro railway, local buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws, iconic trams, and hand-pulled rickshaws. There are a total of 24 metro stations present in Kolkata which spreads all across the city.
Working professionals can commute freely via bus as several local buses can be boarded from popular bus stands such as Owl More Bus Stand, Park Street Bus Stop, and Sealdah Bus Depot.

Top Coworking Spaces in Kolkata

Discover the vibrant and inspiring coworking spaces in Kolkata, where creativity thrives, collaborations flourish, and entrepreneurs find the perfect environment to bring their ideas to life. Here are the best Coworking Spaces in Kolkata :

  1. Awfis Rajarhat
  2. Awfis Salt lake
  3. Corner Desk Bowbazar
  4. Wit Bidhannagar
  5. My Cube Park Street
  6. Coworkyard
  7. Workstreet
  8. Awfis Camac Street
  9. Motherland Studio


1. Awfis Rajarhat

Awfis coworking space in Kolkata offers flexible workspaces for individuals and businesses, equipped with modern amenities and a vibrant community. It caters to freelancers, startups, and established companies, providing a professional environment, networking opportunities, meeting rooms, high-speed internet, and a range of services to foster productivity and collaboration.


2. Awfis Salt Lake

Awfis Salt Lake, shared office space in Kolkata, facilitates productivity for different companies in several ways. It offers flexible workstations, private cabins, and meeting rooms that cater to diverse business needs.  Additionally, the collaborative community at Awfis Salt Lake encourages networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among companies, fostering innovation and growth.


3. Corner Desk Bowbazar

Shared office spaces like Corner Desk Bowbazar provide affordable alternatives to traditional office setups, eliminating the need for long-term leases and overhead costs. orner Desk Bowbazar may provide administrative services, such as receptionists, mail handling, and IT support, relieving small businesses and remote workers of such responsibilities.


4. Wit Bidhannagar

Wit Bidhannagar provides 24/7 access to the coworking space, allowing individuals to choose their preferred working hours and accommodate their personal commitments. Wit Bidhannagar provides amenities like high-speed internet, ergonomic workstations, meeting rooms, and recreational areas, ensuring individuals have all the necessary resources for work while also promoting relaxation and well-being.


5. My Cube Park Street

My Cube Park Street provides flexible workspaces, including hot desks, dedicated desks, and private cabins. This allows individuals and businesses to choose the most suitable option based on their specific needs and budget. Situated in Park Street, a prime commercial area in Kolkata, My Cube Park Street offers a prestigious business address and easy accessibility to transportation, dining, and other amenities, making it convenient for clients, partners, and employees to reach the workspace.


6. Coworkyard

Coworkyard, situated in Kolkata, is an exceptional coworking space that stands out as the best in the city. With its thoughtfully designed workspace and a plethora of amenities, Coworkyard offers a premium experience to individuals and businesses. The impeccable service and hospitality at Coworkyard set it apart from the rest. The friendly and responsive staff members are always ready to assist, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all members.


7. WorkStreet

WorkStreet offers support services that are vital for the success of small businesses and startups. These services may include reception assistance, mail handling, administrative support, and access to business resources. One of the key advantages of WorkStreet is its vibrant and collaborative community. By bringing together like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs, WorkStreet fosters an environment of networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.


8. Awfis Camac Street

Awfis Camac Street understands the unique requirements of big companies and provides dedicated support services to meet their needs. From reception and concierge services to dedicated account managers, the staff at Awfis Camac Street ensures that every aspect of the workspace operates smoothly and efficiently. This level of support allows companies to focus on their core activities while leaving the management and logistics to the capable hands of Awfis


9. Motherland Studio

Motherland Studio offers spacious and well-designed workspaces that cater to the specific needs of big companies. From large dedicated offices to custom-configured work areas, it also provides flexible options to accommodate the scale and requirements of these companies. The workspace can be customized to meet specific branding and operational needs, ensuring a seamless integration of their existing setup.

Other Popular Location For Coworking Space Nearby Kolkata :

Coworking Space in Salt Lake :

Salt Lake City, Kolkata boasts a vibrant ecosystem of coworking spaces tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. These spaces offer affordable and adaptable solutions, creating a collaborative atmosphere that fuels the ambitions of entrepreneurs and startups. Equipped with modern infrastructure, amenities, and networking prospects, Salt Lake City’s coworking spaces provide an ideal environment for fostering growth, innovation, and connectivity.

Trends of coworking space in Kolkata

The trend of coworking space in Kolkata is gaining momentum as more and more real estate companies are trying to establish their feet in the domestic market. As per a recent study, the number of coworking spaces in Kolkata is expected to double by the end of 2020.

The city has successfully grabbed the attention of coworking giants such as Cowrks, WeWork, Awfis, 91springboard, and Regus who have realized the potential that the city possesses. The millennials and youthful entrepreneurs of Kolkata are looking for a fast and efficient solution that can be effectively fulfilled by coworking space providers.

The trend of shared spaces has taken the entire country by storm and Kolkata being one of the fastest-rising corporate locations is at the very forefront of it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What are the best coworking spaces in Kolkata?

Some of the best coworking spaces in Kolkata are Corner Desk Bowbazar, Wit Bidhannagar, Awfis Camac Street, and Adhunik Workspaces. At the same time, there are some more spaces like EasyDaftar and Technopreneurs’ Surrogate Ventures. which are famous Coworking Spaces in Salt Lake. It is considered one of the best locations in Kolkata.


Q2. Why choose coworking space in Kolkata for business?

Kolkata is a laid-back city that believes in the aspect of art, creativity, and culture. This attitude also transpired into the professional ambiance present in the city as the entrepreneurs are very creative and are always looking to innovate so that a new level of success can be effectively unlocked. The start-up culture backed up with coworking space in Kolkata amenities has given working professionals a feasible option that they can utilize to their advantage.

Moreover, the cost of living in Kolkata is very reasonable as the cost of accommodation, transportation, and food is cheaper when compared to the rest of the country. Additionally, the landscape and the climate conditions in this region of India are pleasant as well.


Q3.Can I book a coworking space in Kolkata daily or hourly?
Yes, many coworking spaces in Kolkata offer flexible booking options, allowing you to rent a workspace on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even hourly basis to suit your needs.


Q4. What is the community aspect of coworking spaces in Kolkata?
Coworking spaces foster a strong sense of community by organizing networking events, workshops, and social gatherings where members can connect, collaborate, and share ideas.


Q5. Can I use coworking spaces in Kolkata for conducting client meetings or presentations?
Absolutely! Coworking spaces often have well-equipped meeting rooms or conference facilities that can be booked for client meetings, presentations, or team gatherings.


Q6. Are coworking spaces in Kolkata suitable for startups or small businesses?
Yes, coworking spaces are particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses as they offer a cost-effective and flexible office solution, along with access to a supportive community and resources.


Q7. How can I find the right coworking space in Kolkata for my needs?
Researching online, visiting different coworking spaces, and considering factors like location, amenities, pricing, and the overall atmosphere can help you find the perfect coworking space in Kolkata that aligns with your requirements.