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Coworking spaces are in high demand in the corporate sector. They are revolutionizing the way in which offices operate and are definitely a go-to option. Be sure to check out various coworking space options available on Coworkingers. Coworkingers provide spaces keeping in mind your negligible needs and preferences. Kochi is among the hotspot of businesses in the South of India. Therefore, the demand for coworking spaces is on the rise. Get rid of all your frustrations by identifying the best-shared spaces that is ideal for your business by using our platform. Be sure to go through the list mentioned below and book your coworking space in Kochi, today.
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Coworking space in Kochi

Kochi, perhaps one of the most important coastal cities of the country, is an upcoming commercial and economical zone as well.

It is already the commercial, financial and industrial capital of the state of Kerala, with the highest GDP.

Known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi has been an important spice trade center on the west coast since the 14th century, and it remains to be a significant port for trade with Arabian countries.

This led to an intrinsically developed trading industry that employs over 35% of the population, actively and passively.

Apart from trade, the handicraft and artisans community constitute a major portion, with local foundations aiming to uplift and promote the in-house talent.

Several museums and workshops operate for this purpose. Several fests and biennales are held all year- celebrating art, architecture, and other genres. Hence, it is an ideal place for artists, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to raise, develop, and flourish.

Nearby facilities

Kochi thrives on this service sector thus, being classified as a business economy, with major companies setting foot into the city. It has expanded and developed one of the finest IT parks and TechZones. The 15Gbits bandwidth available through undersea cables for faster, seamless data flow with low operational costs has been an effective luring factor.

Major companies like Wipro, Tata, TCS, Cognizant have their local offices set up. The SmartCity Kochi, which is the finest IT park in the city, was meticulously constructed thus, providing adequate infrastructure and facilities to complement the exuberant lifestyle of the working professionals.

The government and privately funded IT parks in the city embrace the most vibrant working culture, with up-to-date technology, amenities, facilities, and whatnot.

Also, if you are planning to migrate to Kochi to start your own business, then there is no dearth of affordable accommodation and food. In Kochi, on every corner, you will find eateries serving lip-smacking food.

Also, this city is equipped with hospitals, organized banking setups to make sure that the people living in this city lead a stress-free life.


Kochi has a well-organized transportation system. The bus service in Kochi is very advanced and hence you will get buses for every destination and stop.

Also, in Kochi, metro services are available. There is only one metro line in Kochi which serves 21 stations. So, overall, the commuting system in Kochi is pretty organized and transportation won’t be a problem in this city.

How coworking space in Kochi is thriving

The concept of coworking spaces has also emerged to be a successful venture. Coworking space in Kochi is a delightful ambiance, with a mixed working culture, as people from various fields, such as IT, trade, art, and handicraft come together to share a blissful work environment, which promotes productivity.

Due to its coastal location, the city is known to conduct overseas business and thus has a significant inflow of goods, jobs, and opportunities from the Arabic nations, somewhat shaping the work scene.

Why choose coworking space in Kochi for your business?

Kochi is a multi-faceted city, with technology, trade, labor, art, and culture all forming a heterogeneous yet united habitat. The employment landscape of Kochi provides endless job opportunities to all the ambitious and competent professionals, who seek to achieve their career dreams and goals. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Kochi is amongst the top preferred places for top-end companies and MNCs to set their local base, hiring tons of professionals and thus contributing to the expansion of the sector.