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Coworking space in Thrissur
Thrissur is the cultural capital of the south Indian state of Kerala. Thrissur is infamous for its holy regions and vibrant celebrations. Formerly known as Trichur, it is located in the central part of the state and possesses an area of 3032 km square providing shelter to nine percent of Kerala’s population. Malayalam and English are the official languages here. The district is particularly known for its temples, churches and mosques.
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This city of Kerala has been serving as the financial and commercial hub for the state of Kerala. It has done the job of an incubator for several Malayali businessmen.

There are numerous significant Malayali business groups from Thrissur. This commercial and financial hub of Kerala is home to the headquarters of some crucial Scheduled Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, South Indian Bank, ESAF Small Finance Bank and Dhanalakshmi Bank.
The city of Thrissur is linked with the North-South Corridor National Highway of India via the four-lane National Highway.

While Thrissur is primarily dependent on private means of transportation, the State-owned Kerala state road transport corporation runs inter-state and inter-district buses too. The city also inhabits four railway stations within its territory, one of the four A+ railway stations in Kerala supplying trains to three paths.
Why choose coworking space in Thrissur for business?
we are here to help you in finding well-designed and fully managed coworking spaces for your team. Being the financial and commercial hub of Kerala state, the city provides a working-class atmosphere.

Filled with dedicated working professionals, the city offers the convenience of work and several opportunities too, to its residents. Coworkingers provide better infrastructure and Coworking Space in Thrissur are fully furnished and connected to transportation.