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Virtual Office Benefits

Mail Handling

Get your mails received, sent and forwarded.

Office Assistant

Get all your tasks related to client executed by an assistant.

Professional Address

Get your office established with minimum cost in prime locations.

Customer Support

Get your mails received, sent and forwarded.

Telephone Answering

An executive will be there to receive all the calls on your behalf.

Courier Service

All your letters, packages etc will be received & handled by us.

Types of Services

 GST Registration

Get a GST number with the help of a virtual address. All the necessary documentation like NOC, electricity bill, agreement etc will be furnished.

 Business Registration

Get your company registered using a virtual office address at a prime location. Complete documentation & all the in-office services will be provided to you.

Mailing Address

Get an address where all your business communications such as mails, packages will be taken care of. Use that address for all your official work, viz website, visiting card etc.

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I must say that this is the best community I ever had and I am glad to be a part of it.


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Virtual Office In Faridabad

Given the growing popularity of remote work, many businesses are reevaluating their need for physical locations for offices. The demand for a virtual office has consequently increased in Faridabad and other significant Indian cities.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office could be the solution if your business requires an office but is hesitant to commit to purchasing or renting space. A prestigious business address, mail receiving and forwarding, and a GST/company registration address are among the services provided.

They're low-priced and readily available company assets. With a virtual office, you can establish a professional presence for your company without the high cost of traditional office space.

It's ideal for businesses of any size in India, whether they have a few workers or a few thousand, whether those individuals work from home or from separate offices, or if the company is growing into new regions. The result is a leaner, more nimble, and more expert operation.

Why a Virtual Office?

Virtual offices are the ideal solution for companies of all sizes in many situations. Having a virtual office has several advantages, including:

1. If you want a professional-sounding address for your company's website, stationery, and business cards, as well as one that can be used for GST and Indian company registration, go no further.
2. Your company's mail will be processed and forwarded to this address.
3. Increase your standing by demonstrating your company's nationwide presence in high-traffic areas.
4. Help from experts in the field may improve your company's image and reputation via improved customer service.

Services provided by virtual office

Virtual offices aim to provide different enterprises scope for growth without having to hire outsourcing services for staff recruitment and other requirements.

They work towards providing location, employee and Digital Services including conference rooms, business address, website domain, email, online digital storage, receptionist services, spaces and private rooms, office equipment, cloud based application, video conferencing and webinar hosting.

Benefits of Virtual Offices
Virtual offices help provide a real and premium business address to enterprise owners. This helps them to establish a physical presence of the company and achieve a professional image. A business address increases the credibility of a business as it appears on all important company documents, contracts and websites.

It is the source of direct communication between your business and customers. Office addresses help you to receive and send mail and packages. Virtual offices are a great alternative to the old traditional corporate spaces as they charge users on a monthly basis. This provides flexibility in usage terms and payment.

How can a Virtual office help you to grow in Faridabad?
Faridabad is the most industrialized space in Haryana and home to many large scale companies. Faridabad is developing more in terms of startups and has a well built social infrastructure. Small scale industries have always existed in the City so entrepreneurship is not new to the people.

It is growing into a technology hub where IT startups and innovations are being nurtured. Looking at the work culture in Faridabad and the number of multinational companies situated there we can observe that it is one of the most prominent commercial locations in the country.

It has a great scope for development and investing in such a City will help you to introduce new businesses and attract a large audience at once. This will help development of business at a fast rate and positive results will help attract more investors.

A lot of opportunities for startups and entrepreneurship are being observed so many young business owners are trying to develop their operations in Faridabad. Virtual offices have helped many companies and led them towards progression through their services at cost effective rates.

Leading Faridabad-Based virtual company

Despite its status as the nation's capital, Renton, Washington, is not always affordable for the numerous companies that would want to set up shop there. But what exactly do they do? As of now, they're operating out of a Faridabad-based virtual office.

Checkout some of the virtual office in Faridabad

1. DGTLworkspace Coworking

The office space that is made available by DGTLworkspace Co-working includes amenities like meeting rooms, courier mail facilities and security. All of these different types of workspaces have been furnished with the most latest technology improvements and conveniences. This online office has a starting charge of Rs. prices ranging from INR 990 per month to INR 4,290 per month. This location is perfect for single people, small companies, and other similar enterprises. Kheri Pul Chowk bus stop is just 1.1 km away from this place and the nearest metro station is Badkal Mor which is just 2.9 km away.

Address- Shop no 95-96 24 feet Kheri wazirpur link road, near Post office, Bharat Colony, Sector 87, Faridabad, Haryana 121002.
Google Rating: 4.8 (4 Google Ratings)


Their virtual offices provide reception and mail-handling services as well. They also allow access to their meeting rooms and offer provisions for virtual meeting rooms. The nearest public transportation option, the Mewala Maharajpur Metro Station bus stop is just 300m away and the nearest metro station is Mewala Maharajpur Metro Station which is just 200m away. Get in touch with the helpful staff for details on pricing. It is ideal for small businesses and freelancers.

Address- Metro Pillar Number 564, 14/3, Mathura Rd, Sector 31, Faridabad, Haryana 121003
Google Rating: 4.6(464 Google Rating)

3. &work Co-working

By associating with them you get professional support, access to physical presence, call handling and bilingual receptionist, voicemail access with sound files, and complimentary coworking access. This venue is perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and new businesses to hold meetings. Get in touch with their helpful staff for information on rates and payment options. The nearest metro station is Neelam chowk Ajronda, which is only 300 metres away, while the nearest bus station is Neelam chowk Ajronda, which is 240 metres away.


Google rating: 4.6 (237 reviews)

4. ISHA Co-Working

A monthly subscription to this virtual office space starts at merely 3000 INR. Small firms, start-ups, and sole proprietors will find this location to be ideal. They offer first-rate amenities like mail/courier handling, office assistant/ front desk, bank account opening, customer, company registration, GST registration, and prominent address that can be used on visiting cards, letterheads, email management, etc. A crossing over Badkhal Lake is only 210 metres distant, while the Faridabad train station is about 2.9 kilometres away.

Address- 1212, Sector 21D, Faridabad, Haryana 121012.
Google Rating: 5(16 Google Rating)

5. NanSat Coworking

They offer amenities like IT support, receptionist courtesies, mailroom management, GST registration and many others. This shared office space is only 400 metres from the sector 10/11 bus stop and the nearest metro station is Escorts Mujesar which is just 2.1km away. It works great for corporations of all sizes, independent workers, and those working in small spaces. The prices for this space start from 5000 INR per month.

Address-178, 9-10 Dividing Rd, Sector 10 Housing Board Colony, Faridabad, Haryana 121006
Google rating: 4.4 (14 reviews)

6. SimpliPhi Works

The virtual space service offers business owners all the benefits of commercial property, including an office address and phone number, communication and administration services, and access to meeting rooms. This is the perfect answer for those who operate in confined spaces, as well as people who run small firms or freelancing businesses. The prices start at just 4500 INR per month for a hot desk and go up to 6000 INR per month for a dedicated desk. Sector 37 bus stop is just 450m away and Sarai subway station is just 1.2km away.

Address- 1371, Sector 37 Main Rd, near Mother Dairy Booth, Ashoka Enclave Part II, Sector 37, Faridabad, Haryana 121003.
Google Rating: 4.8(37 Google Rating)

7. VMWorkspace

Their virtual offices provide all the required services right from mail services to reception and official office address provision. It's possible that new companies and start-ups may find this to be an ideal location for their first office. At this hotel, the monthly rates start at 2,000 INR for an annual stay. The closest bus stop is in Sector 15/14 (BPTP) which is just 650 m away.

Address- Puri High Street, B -110, 1st Floor, Mall, Faridabad, Haryana 121004.
Google Rating: Not available

8. NanSat Coworking 

They are genuine and provide all the required services like mail handling, GST registration, business registration etc. This coworking area is located only 4000 metres from the sector 10/11 bus stop, and it is only 2.1 kilometres from the Escorts Mujesar metro station. It's ideal for both large and small businesses, as well as freelancers and people working out of their homes. The rates for this space start from 5000 INR per month.

Address- 178, sector 10 on, 9-10 Dividing Rd, Faridabad, Haryana 121006.
Google Rating: 4.4(14 Google Rating)

Important Factors While Choosing a Virtual Office

There are a lot of different virtual office solutions out there, so it's crucial to know what to look for. Consider these considerations for your company:

1. The first, and most crucial, consideration is the location. You should seek a virtual office in the Central Business District (CBD) or the Suburban Business District (SBD), whether you are an entrepreneur establishing a new firm in a new city or a company expanding into new regions. If you're in the business of selling to other businesses, the location is crucial since it has a direct impact on how your brand is perceived.

2. Virtual office providers often provide other services that are useful to companies in addition to providing a physical address and managing mail. When you sign up for my HQ virtual office, you'll get access to a number of perks, like a receptionist, lockers, and a shared office and conference room.


Virtual offices allow businesses to grow without physically moving. If you need more space at work but don't want to spend more on rent, this is a better alternative. Using virtual office addresses, companies may keep their existing sites open while opening branches in other areas.

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