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Coworking Space In Delhi

India is considered to be the sleeping giant of the global economy as the country has tremendous potential to reach the zenith of the corporate world.

The volume of skilled working professionals that India possesses is sufficient to launch the nation to the very top of the corporate ladder. Delhi being the capital of the nation is at the very forefront of this industrial revolution.

Backed by the exposure of the Internet, the start-up culture within the nation in general and Delhi, in particular, has flourished beyond expectation.

As per a recent study, it is estimated that more than 1500 major start-ups originate from the capital city of Delhi, making it the hottest prospect in India.

However, establishing a corporate firm is not enough. A dedicated working place is important where the employees of the concerned firm can come together and execute the business plans formulated.

A significant issue, in this case, is related to the availability of commercial spaces.

The rising population of India has put a lot of pressure on the real estate requirements as there is only a limited area available to construct a working place. Modern problems need modern solutions.

This is precisely where the concept of coworking space can be utilized to perfection. With the emergence of coworking spaces entrepreneurs, freelancers, and prominent business firms now can coherently work within a professional environment.

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Importance Of Coworking Space In Delhi

With the immediate advancement in technology, various job opportunities in various fields have also started to pop up. Not to forget that the incorporation of start-ups also generates more employment opportunities for the infinite skilled labor that is available in Delhi.

Thus, these working professionals need a productive space where they can compile and execute their ideas to perfection. Coworking spaces help individuals and business firms to fulfill this objective in the long run.

The concept of coworking space is comparatively simple. It is nothing but an establishment where flexible and ready-to-move-in offices can be availed at affordable prices.

Start-ups generally work on a confined budget as they do not have the interest of large investors at the initial level. Therefore, the management of finances effectively plays a critical role in defining the success rate of the concerned business.

Inaugurating an independent office requires a significant level of funding. Considering the present real estate demand in Delhi, it is almost next to impossible to pull off this objective.

Hence, entrepreneurs and freelancers are forced to work at home which does not provide a productive working environment.

Availing the services of coworking spaces solves this issue effectively. The overall cost of maintaining an office is completely extinguished.

The responsibility of maintenance and clearance of overheads is non-existent as coworking spaces take care of all these requirements on your behalf. The office space provided can be booked at specific price points, based on the needs of the business.

The packages offered do not include any additional or hidden costs. Independent and dedicated desks can also be availed by freelancers and entrepreneurs for cheap prices.

The availability of conference rooms can also be obtained on an hourly basis. Payment for the dedicated desks can be made as per daily requirements.

These existing benefits offered by coworking spaces have elevated its popularity in the domestic corporate environment present in Delhi.

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The Trend Of Coworking Space In Delhi

The start-up culture of Delhi is predominantly dominated by the youth who have a dynamic approach to conducting business.

This attitude of the modern-day entrepreneur can only be satisfied with the finest amenities in terms of the workspace available and the ambiance which the office possesses.

The days of dull offices with boring interiors are behind us. The present-day Delhi entrepreneur needs a more energetic working environment that induces his creativity level and keeps him motivated throughout

All these factors can be satisfied by booking a personal cabin or a dedicated desk from the coworking space providers in Delhi.

The employee-friendly atmosphere and energetic working culture present within the office spaces will surely help you to fulfill your professional responsibilities.

People in the 21st century believe in the aspect of convenience. Renting a ready-to-move-in office space is a feasible decision as it saves time and finances in the long run.

Therefore, working professionals do not have to worry about additional commitments and can cater to their professional needs with adequate motivation.

The new wave of coworking offices is setting new standards as the overall efficiency of working professionals is also reaching new heights.

This is the paramount reason which has made coworking spaces a trend in the domestic corporate ecosystem in Delhi.

Why Should Anyone Choose Delhi For Business?

As already mentioned, Delhi is home to some of the most recognized start-up firms that India has produced. The work culture present in Delhi is fast-paced and action-oriented.

People of Delhi believe in results that have to be obtained within a specific deadline. Efficiency is the name of the game as companies are consumed with the objective of maximizing their profits.

Moreover, the infrastructure present in Delhi is advancing at a phenomenal rate. Commuting from one location to another can be done with complete convenience with the help of the well-organized public transport facilities of Delhi.

The introduction of Delhi Metro services has significantly simplified the aspect of communication in the city. Delhi Metro operates on 10 distinct colored lines that reach every corner of the city with the help of 285 stations.

With the help of Metro, people of Delhi can commute from one location to another with complete convenience. Furthermore, there are various coworking premises scattered all around the city which can be booked at reasonable rates.

The corporate habitat of Delhi will greatly benefit start-ups and prominent business organizations alike as the city now looks to become the IT hub of India in the near future.

So if you are looking to set up a new venture, then be sure to take Delhi into consideration as the professional lifestyle of the city will inspire you to reach new levels of success.

These reasons have made the capital of the nation an entrepreneur paradise as the opportunities present are limitless.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average monthly costing for coworking in Delhi?

Delhi is home to some of the most well-equipped coworking spaces all over India. The infrastructure, design, and working environment offered in these establishments are some of the finest which effectively motivate employees from every domain.

Premium locations in the form of Connaught Place, Lajpat Nagar, Dwarka, and some regions of South and West Delhi provide affordable coworking space facilities to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and company employees alike.

The average prices of coworking spaces in Delhi have been listed below:

Location Private Cabin Dedicated Desks Meeting Room
Connaught Place 14000 13000 600
Lajpat Nagar 10000 8000 500
Dwarka 10000 8500 500
South Delhi 11000 11000 500
West Delhi 1000 9000 500

The prices listed above are approximate figures and are subject to change as per the company selected. All of the coworking spaces provide top-notch amenities.

However, there are some elite firms that stand out from the rest as the office aesthetics and working environment are on a whole new level.

2. How much to pay for a fixed & flexible seat in Delhi? (average costing)

The amenities in the form of fixed and flexible seats are most commonly availed by freelancers and entrepreneurs. However, company employees may also use these fixed and flexible desks if private rooms are occupied.

The option of paying on a daily basis for occupying these seats can also be availed as per the convenience of the individual or the concerned firm. But this generally results in paying an additional aggregate amount at the end of the month.

Therefore, it is suggested to subscribe on a monthly basis so that the concerned individual can also utilize extra perks and amenities that the coworking space provider is offering in the form of beverages, parking facilities, whiteboard services, common room access, etc.

On average the cost of booking fixed and flexible seats in the coworking spaces is estimated to be somewhere around 9,000-10,000 INR per month.

3. What to consider before booking a shared workspace in Delhi?

The following factors must be taken into consideration before booking coworking space in Delhi:

a. Distance from Residence or Head Office: One of the major factors which must be acknowledged while booking coworking spaces is the distance of the business center from your office residential address [if you are a freelancer] and the distance from your head office [if you are a board member of a listed company].

b. Transportation options: Another significant factor that must be considered is the transportation amenities that are available in and around the property location.

c. Working Environment and Budget: Working in a posh and sophisticated office that helps you to focus is essential. Moreover, all these amenities should be offered at an affordable rate so that it satisfies your budget.

There is no point in going out of your way and paying for an office space that takes up a considerable part of your monthly income.

4. Is shared office space in Delhi worth it for a large organization?

The amenities offered by coworking spaces should be availed by every company, be it big or small. Moreover, the atmosphere created is apt for freelancers and independent entrepreneurs as well.

There are many international firms as well as Domestic giants that have successfully collaborated with coworking space providers.

There are numerous advantages that even large corporations can enjoy as their overall networking skills improve in the long run. The chances of collaboration are also enhanced.

The opportunity to come together with new talent must be cherished by established agencies as well. Therefore, a win-win situation is created for all the three parties involved, namely prominent business groups, freelancers, and the real estate coworking space provider.

Each variable feeds off the other, thus, growing simultaneously and fulfilling the chances of profit maximization.

5. What are the operations hours of shared office space in Delhi? (common day and night timings)

Coworking spaces acknowledge international standards and realize the importance of being available on an everyday basis so that the needs and requirements of the global public can be fulfilled at all times.

The start-up culture in Delhi has opened new doors for entrepreneurs as various foreign investors are showing interest and are willing to back these promising businesses throughout.

Therefore, it is imperative that working professionals are willing to work extended hours to satisfy global demands. Consequently, coworking spaces also must be open to the idea of working overtime so that these company employees get the assistance that they deserve.

Most of the coworking spaces are open for 12 hours a day starting from 10 am in the morning to 10 pm at night [average].

6. Is there any difference in price and plan for coworking according to various locations in Delhi?

Yes! The location of the concerned property plays a vital role in determining the price of availing a desk at a specific coworking space. The average price of a desk at Connaught Place is considerably higher than other locations in Delhi.

This is primarily because the Connaught Place locality is well connected with the other parts of the city. Moreover, public transportation facilities in the form of metro stations and DTC bus stands add to the pricing policies.

Other factors which contribute to the pricing scale are related to general amenities which the common man can use. If a locality has superior infrastructure then naturally the price of the property will rise.

Additional provisions in the form of Hospitals, Banks, Parks, Malls, Movie Theaters, and ATMs will also give the property price an immediate hike.

7. Do we need to pay a security deposit amount at the time of availing coworking space in the Delhi region?

Generally, there is no requirement to pay any type of security deposit to avail of the services of coworking spaces. All working professionals need to do is take a subscription on a monthly basis to book a dedicated desk or private cabin at these real coworking spaces.

However, there might be a few companies that accept security deposits as per their individual firm policies. But the majority of coworking spaces do not acknowledge the concept of charging an additional amount in the form of an initial deposit.

There are no hidden expenses involved when you collaborate with some of the best office space providers in the Delhi NCR region.

8. What type of people work in a coworking space in Delhi?

People from a multitude of industries have availed the services of coworking spaces. Delhi is home to diverse working culture and is willing to accommodate people from different market segments.

Therefore, freelancers, independent entrepreneurs, and company employees can all avail themselves of the services of the premium coworking spaces.

There are various advantages to operating from a coworking space as people do not have to worry about paying rent nor do they have to acknowledge maintenance and overhead costs.

The offices are completely furnished and equipped with the latest technology. Simultaneously, the opportunity to meet new people and gain knowledge about a unique industry is always present.

Due to the presence of these benefits, people from all segments of the corporate world prefer to opt for coworking space services.

9. How profitable is a shared workspace in Delhi?

The endeavor of coworking spaces has helped thousands of businesses and millions of freelancers in Delhi. Due to the rising real estate prices in the capital, it is almost next to impossible to establish a personal office space from scratch.

Moreover, people have to take into consideration additional expenses in the form of maintenance and overheads.

The payment of such overheads can prove to be catastrophic for a start-up firm as the company concerned has only a limited budget to work with. With the introduction of coworking spaces, all these issues can now be effectively mitigated.

The flexible services offered by coworking space providers have made things easier for prominent businesses and entrepreneurs.

People can not only save valuable finances but also can work within a posh, safe, and professional working environment.

10. Can we use coworking space in Delhi 24*7?

Yes, shared office space in Delhi can be used 24×7. Nevertheless, there are certain companies that do not provide the option of 24×7 facilities.

Even so, irrespective of the exceptions, the majority of the coworking spaces are open at least 10-12 hours a day due to heavy competition in the global market.

Certain multinational companies with international tie-ups are open 24×7 to cater to the needs of international clients because of the differences in various time zones.

With time the option of 24×7 facilities will surely grow as more start-up companies are yet to build their base in the Delhi NCR region.

11. What are the best locations for coworking spaces in Delhi?

The best locations in Delhi are

12. What are the best locations for Coworking Space In Central Delhi?

13. What are the best locations for Coworking Space In East Delhi?

14. What are the best locations for Coworking Space In South Delhi?

15. What are the best locations for Coworking Space In North Delhi?

16. What are the best locations for Coworking Space In West Delhi?

17. What are the best coworking spaces in Delhi?

The best coworking spaces in this city are Cowork, Covork, WeWork Berger Delhi One,Innov8 Coworking Connaught Place, Awfis Connaught Place, Spring House Janakpuri, and many more.