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Coworking space in Badarpur

A prime location of New Delhi for young entrepreneurs, to initiate their desirable business is Badarpur. It is a commercial IT hub with lots of coworking spaces furnished with office facilities, a great work environment, and a convenience-like home. These even provide a space to meet like-minded people and discuss ideas and ventures.

Nearby Amenities

Badarpur is home to the Badarpur Thermal Power Station of National Thermal Power Corporation which was opened in 1973 and is an important power source to East Delhi, South East Delhi, and South Delhi districts. These coworking spaces are fully furnished with private cabins, open work desks, restrooms, hot desks, and basic amenities like ATMs, hospitals, gyms, supermarkets, and bus stops in close proximity. All these things together provide a sound atmosphere, and a lot of opportunities to meet people with similar ideas, have discussions, conduct meetings and plan future projects.


The connectivity of coworking space in Badarpur is fantastic as it is located on the Mathura Road which joins the three cities of Mathura, Delhi, and Agra together. The NH2 [National Highway 2] and Grand Trunk Road are also connected to Badarpur. Therefore, working professionals have a lot of options when it comes to the aspect of selecting modes of transport that are available in and around Badarpur. It is even served by Badarpur Border station of Delhi Metro on Violet Line. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is 22.4 km away from Badarpur.

Why choose coworking space in Badarpur for business?

The most important factor to choose coworking spaces in Badarpur is its amazing connectivity to the rest of Delhi, flooding opportunities in the field IT sector, and great coworking spaces are the best match to a perfect location for business ventures and startups. These coworking spaces are especially useful for young entrepreneurs and small businesses.

What are the best coworking spaces in Badarpur?

The best coworking spaces are BHIVE, Kinnoti Co Working Hub, and Awfis Mohan Cooperative.