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Spaces – Express Avenue

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  • Price Range 1,990

Express Infrastructure Private Limited,5th,6th and 7th Floor, AEA Chambers Tower II, Anna Salai, Express Estate, Royapettah, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Coworking Space In Chennai | Shared Office Space In Chennai

Chennai is one of the oldest cities in India and the name itself means ‘Face.” Chennai has been the face of India’s development front for decades. This city is situated in the southern part of India and is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Being a major transportation hub, it connects to different destinations across the globe.

Further, with a diverse economy, it is a hub for various industries that include financial services, footwear manufacturing, textiles, petrochemical, IT and ITES, automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing.

It has undergone extensive growth in terms of population and is the 4th largest metropolis of India.

Chennai’s population peaks: 11,133,854 (1.1 crore) as per the figures of 2019 and 10,612,455 in 2018; recording a city population of 8.8 million.

The Trend Of Coworking Space In Chennai

The trend of coworking in Chennai is slowly gaining momentum. From a recent report, it was reported that Chennai already has more than 80 coworking spaces.

Both big companies and startups are slowly preferring this type of setup because of its ready to plug and work feature.

Now, if you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you do not need to worry about furnishing and other equipment. At a coworking space, you will get everything you need at your convenience.

If you contemplate joining a coworking space in Chennai and haven’t yet made your mind, then the above facts will surely help you decide and help boost your business in the long run.

Importance And Benefits Of Coworking Space In Chennai

Chennai is among one of the biggest centers of economy, education, and culture in India. It is also known as a smart city under the smart city commission.

Chennai is an expensive city and affording an office space in Chennai can be an expensive affair. So, to save freelancers and startups from burning a hole in their pockets for office expenses, coworking spaces offer low-cost office spaces with world-class amenities.

Apart from saving costs, coworking space also helps one to connect with the right kind of people. It renders more opportunities to working professionals by increasing networking.

When people from a diverse range of backgrounds work together, it helps in the exchange and sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Even if you are planning for a Virtual Office in Chennai for your Business or Startup we have the best office spaces for you.

Coworking Spaces Are Perfect For:

1. Freelancers

Freelancers normally opt for coworking space in Chennai as it helps them to cut down their overhead costs and enjoy the same amenities which they can get in a privately owned office.

2. Startups

For startups, coworking spaces are preferred the most because it is always difficult for startups to afford a commercial office. Coworking space offers office space at a much-reduced price.

Since coworking space offers a professional ambiance, the output of the workers also increases once they start working in such a professional setup.

Why Should One Choose Chennai For Business?

Chennai is one of the few cities in India which sports the highest literacy rate. This is one of the top reasons many startups and businesses want to set up their companies here.

Why Chennai Is Best For The Start-Ups?

  • Literacy rate – Chennai’s literacy rate is 81% and so it becomes easier to get skilled and talented employees.
  • Infrastructure – Chennai is India’s business hub, therefore, the infrastructure here meets the market standard.
  • IT talent pool – Chennai is the hub for IT because of numerous talented IT professionals. If you plan to start your business in the IT sector, then you can be assured that there will never be a shortage of talent.
  • Govt support – Govt has taken numerous initiatives to support the growth of various industries in Chennai.

With so many amenities and pros, Chennai is indeed the most preferred location for anyone who wants to begin a business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best locations for coworking spaces in Chennai?

 The best location in Chennai are:- 

2. What are the best coworking spaces in Chennai?

The best coworking spaces in this city are AtWorks OMR, CoWrks, HQ10 Guindy.