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Virtual Office Benefits

Mail Handling

Get your mails received, sent and forwarded.

Office Assistant

Get all your tasks related to client executed by an assistant.

Professional Address

Get your office established with minimum cost in prime locations.

Customer Support

Uninterrupted support will be provided to handle all your queries.

Telephone Answering

An executive will be there to receive all the calls on your behalf.

Courier Service

All your letters, packages etc will be received & handled by us.

Types of Services

 GST Registration

Get a GST number with the help of a virtual address. All the necessary documentation like NOC, electricity bill, agreement etc will be furnished.

 Business Registration

Get your company registered using a virtual office address at a prime location. Complete documentation & all the in-office services will be provided to you.

Mailing Address

Get an address where all your business communications such as mails, packages will be taken care of. Use that address for all your official work, viz website, visiting card etc.

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Entrepreneur, Delhi

I highly recommended coworkingers for their virtual office services, From the day I took this service from them, I had never faced any issue.



I must say that this is the best community I ever had and I am glad to be a part of it.


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Virtual Office In Chennai

Welcome to the ultimate destination for virtual offices in Chennai!

Step into the future of workspace with us and unlock limitless possibilities for your business in the vibrant city of Chennai. Here, we have a complete list of premium to cheapest virtual office in Chennai.

If the high cost of office space in Chennai has prevented you from launching your own business, do not give up. Getting a street address in Chennai for your business is easy if you use a virtual office. Here is a guide to help you.

What is a Virtual Office?

By providing a mailing address and other administrative support services, virtual office services provide businesses with a physical presence in lieu of conventional office space. A virtual office space is a place where a business can keep a local presence while saving money.

Using a virtual office could save business owners money on office rent. This includes, but is not limited to, a business address, a phone answering service, video conferencing technology, and conference rooms. 

If you establish a virtual office, you will have an official person to answer your calls. Using this service will set your company apart from the crowd. A virtual office will also provide you with a different company phone number.

Thus, it is clear that a virtual office will save you hundreds of rupees per month. This form is ideal for both new firms and independent contractors.

Why Choose Virtual Office?

The first significant advantage of a virtual office is that the office address can be included on official corporate documents. 

Even a business owner with limited expertise understands the importance of their company's physical position. However, entrepreneurs may be startled by the impact this may have on them.

  1. For one thing Virtual Office for Company registration, clients value a location's office. When a customer or possible business partner looks for your location online, an exact address may be very important.

  2. A business's physical location enhances its legitimacy and attracts more clients. The location of your firm also serves as your legal address. The physical location of your firm is irrelevant because the virtual office for GST Registration can also serve as the official address for government filings. Your company was established in this state.

  3. Local search engine optimization is the final technique (SEO). Using a virtual office address as the legal address of your business can help your website rank higher in search engine results for the geographic region you specify. This is because the "near me" feature of search engines continues to be of great use to many online services.

Top 8 virtual office in Chennai 

 Our virtual office solutions in Chennai offer a perfect blend of convenience, flexibility, and professionalism for businesses of all sizes. With a wide range of services including GST registration assistance, company registration support, efficient mail handling, and prestigious business addresses, we ensure that your virtual office experience is seamless and empowering.

Here are the Top 8 Best Virtual Office in Chennai :

  1. Spacelance
  2. DBS Business Center
  3. The Executive Zone
  4. Rayafeel Virtual office space
  5. Spacelance, OMR, Chennai
  6. The Workvilla
  7. Trend India Business Centre

The Spacelance office in Chennai is located on Mount Road, an excellent location. Their virtual offices provide all the required services right from mail services to reception and official office address provision. In addition, there are virtual offices, dedicated workstations, private cabins, and conference rooms. It is ideal for today's fast-paced working environment. Nearest bus top is Spensor Plaza which is about 240m away from the location. The space is in proximity to both Chennai Central Station and the airport.

Location: Spencer Plaza Mall, 715A 7th Floor, Anna Salai, Chennai, 600002
Google Rating: 4.5 /5 (41 reviews)

Guindy is referred to as the "Gateway to Chennai," and Olympia Teknos is located there. Olympia Teknos is one of Chennai's most rapidly expanding technological parks. They are genuine and provide all the required services like mail handling, GST registration, business registration etc. The nearest bus stop is Saint Thomas Hospital which is 800m away from the location.

Location: Coworking Space, Serviced & Virtual Offices and Workspace Level 8 & 9, Olympia Teknos Park, 28, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032
Google Rating: 4.5 /5 (41 reviews)

Spacelance desk space plans are ideal for today's fast-paced, ever-changing corporate environment. In addition, you can receive all the perks of typical work for a nominal monthly charge. A corporation can be registered in Chennai with the help of a dedicated desk space. This eliminates the need to lease pricey office space. You can start your business right away with the help of a flexible office space or a virtual office. The package comes with a prestigious office address, mail receiving and forwarding services, use of a conference room, and help from a receptionist. The nearest bus stop is I.G.P which is 180m away from the location.

Location: 4/608, V.O.C. Street, Kottivakkam, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041
Google Rating: 5/5 (54 reviews)

The office is equipped with everything employees need to collaborate to solve problems and generate new ideas. It is a shared office space where you may work for very little each month while meeting and networking with successful people from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. 

Regardless of who you are or what you do for a job, Workvilla Anna Salai provides every type of office product imaginable to help you work more efficiently and effectively. It is hidden at the intersection of Anna Salai and Greams Road. It is also close to the Peters Road Flyover and Rangoon Street, which will appeal to both drivers and public transportation users. There are many places to shop, eat, and have fun within walking distance of these buildings. There are also international banks, business centers, restaurants, and nightclubs. The nearest bus stop is Thousand Lights is 110m.

Location: 306 Kamala Arcade Thousand Lights East, Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006
Google Rating: 4.4 /5 (15 reviews)

5. DBS Business Center

At the DBS Business Center in Chennai, small to medium-sized organizations can hire serviced offices, shared office space, virtual offices, and meeting rooms. A few other facilities provided by them are phone call management, assistance in terms of email domain, official office address, and virtual conference meeting. There are also conference rooms, private offices, allotted work areas, and remote work options. It is ideal for today's fast-paced workplace. Both the bus and subway stops are within five minutes' walking distance.

Location: 31A, Cathedral Garden Rd, Badrikari, Tirumurthy Nagar, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034
Google Rating:
3.9 /5 (352 reviews)

6. Trend India Business Centre

Bangalore's Trend India Business Center is located on the well-known Brigade Road. The virtual office space offers a variety of flexible options such as phone call management, reception services, email assistance, provision of official office address, etc. Whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise or a startup, the Trend India Business Center has a floor plan that will accommodate your needs. The nearest bus stop is Telephone Exchange which is 150m away from the location.

Location: Trend India Business Centre, Kochar Bliss (4th Floor LMK :, A8 & A9, opposite to Hotel Malaiyappa, Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032
Google Rating: 4.4 /5 (50 reviews)

7. Rayafeel Virtual office space

Chennai is the location of RayaFEEL Cowering's shared office space. You can immediately begin working in one of their offices, which can be modified to accommodate teams of any size. If you work from home instead of renting an office, you may save a substantial amount on rent and furniture. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to renting or leasing an office space, this one has more to offer in terms of size, location, and services than the others. The nearest bus stop is Spensor Plaza which is 350m away from the location.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, home-based firms, Internet sellers, freelancers, non-resident Indian businessmen, and student entrepreneurs benefit the most from their products and services. The Workplace Suite has all the necessary tools for working in a virtual office.

Location: 2nd floor, Phase, Spencer Plaza, S102, 3, WS-06, Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002
Google Rating: 
5/5 (17 reviews)


The office space, which is located in a modern commercial building, is large enough to handle groups of varying sizes. They have amenities such as event space, high-speed WiFi, workshop events, official office address, GST registration assistance, etc. In addition to it, there are also lockers, printers, and lockers. The nearest bus stop is I.G.P which is 500m away from the location.

Location: 177, 1st Main Rd, Venkateswara Colony, Nehru Nagar, Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600096
Google Rating: 4.5/5 (22 reviews)

Important Factors While Choosing a Virtual Office

Depending on your location, you may have a variety of possibilities. However, there are a few considerations to consider:

1. A remote workspace could save you money by eliminating the need for a traditional office. When you have a virtual office, you are not responsible for expenses such as rent, utilities, and furnishings. This can be especially useful for startups and smaller organizations seeking to save expenses.

2. Another significant advantage of working from home is the increased independence it affords. A virtual office can be operated with only a computer and an Internet connection. This is an excellent alternative for folks who work from home or travel extensively.

3. Having a virtual workspace could allow you to allocate your time more effectively. This will allow you the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you choose. This might be a major benefit for folks who value having control over how they spend their time.

4. When you establish a virtual office, you may hire specialists from anywhere in the world and connect with an international network of experts. This indicates that it is irrelevant where you search for the best candidates for your business.

5. The consumer is the most vital aspect of online commerce. The reputation of the company and its capacity to attract consumers are what make the virtual office functional. When clients and consumers learn that you have a virtual workspace, they are always impressed. When you establish a virtual office, your reputation, and commitment to the company increase.


After selecting a service that makes sense for your organization, it is crucial to understand how to maximize its potential. Since employing a virtual office instead of a physical office saves money, it makes sense to reap as many benefits as possible. Ask your service provider what virtual office features and services you will have access to.

A virtual office can assist small and medium-sized enterprises as well as anyone else who wants to save expenses, maintain their flexibility and responsiveness, and explore new markets. No matter how big or small your business is, you can run a successful business if you know the benefits of a virtual office and use these tips to choose one.

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