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Establishing a business also means you need a perfect spot to work and collaborate. While owning a whole office space in major Indian cities is a task, you can opt for coworking spaces. Coworkingers will help you look for the best spaces available in your town. We recommend spaces that provide the finest quality services and all the required amenities. While Ludhiana is a major city in Punjab, owning a coworking space for your small business or startup is highly opportune. Go through the list provided by Coworkingers and pick the space of your choice, suiting your preferences and budget.
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Coworking Space In Ludhiana

What would be better for an entrepreneur to try a hand in start-ups in a place famously known as India’s Manchester? Ludhiana is situated in the northern part of Delhi, making it a major hotspot of business ventures, whether big or small. Not all of these start-ups have enough funding for an office, so the co-working spaces become their lifesaver.

Just like any other developing region present in India, Ludhiana also shelters a large number of aspiring entrepreneurs who are hungry to reach the very top of the corporate ladder. Co-working venues have become an important pillar supporting these enthusiastic souls, whether students or working professionals. These individuals have the opportunity to interact and connect with each other to enhance their reach and networking skills.

Nearby Amenities

Ludhiana is the biggest and one of the most populated cities in Punjab of India. Situated in the North of Delhi, it is filled with large industrial areas. Its IT sector, from e-commerce to art and fitness, is being driven by India’s expanding economy, rising disposable income, and technology.

The city is coupled with young entrepreneurs, and business-aiming people take good care in providing co-working spaces equipped with necessary elements, facilities, and an office-like environment and convenience. They can either rent a quiet cabin for meetings with complete office supplies or book an open co-working space for planning and discussions.

It ranks among the list of smart cities, is packed with standard amenities like hospitals, schools, best engineering, and medical colleges, and has a large area for agriculture. The beautiful city also has attractions like Guru Nanak Stadium for Kabaddi and Football, Kila Raipur Sports Festival held annually in Kila Raipur, near Ludhiana. The festival includes rural sports like gatka, bullock cart races, kabaddi, trolley races, loading-unloading trucks, and acrobatics.


The city of Ludhiana stands on the banks of the Sutlej River and is well connected by road and rail as its railway station is on the main Delhi-Amritsar route. It is nicely connected with other cities of Punjab by bus routes, railways running to metro cities, and airports connecting it to other central states. The transportation inside the town is mainly by rickshaws and auto-rickshaws; since bus services are cancelled. 

Why choose Ludhiana  for Business?

According to the World Bank, the city of Ludhiana has been ranked as the most accessible city in India for business. Opting to avail the services of a coworking space established in Ludhiana is indeed a cost effective option that every business must take into consideration. The ambiance and vibe of these coworking spaces influences individuals automatically to work harder and achieve their corporate goals.

Ludhiana also has a fast-growing IT sector with a large number of software services and product companies having development offices or in the city is Asia’s largest hub for bicycle manufacturing and produces more than 50% of India’s bicycle and 60% of India’s tractor parts and a large portion of auto and two-wheeler parts. Whether it is textile, auto parts, the IT sector, or a creative field, the city of Ludhiana has a place for everything. It is a land of opportunities, especially for the minds planning to build up start-ups and business ventures.