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Salt Lake, also known as Bidhannagar, is a satellite city located in the northeast region of Kolkata. The neighborhood has numerous commercial buildings, IT parks, shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes. There are also several coworking spaces that have emerged over the years due to increasing demand from entrepreneurs and startups looking for affordable office space solutions. These coworking spaces offer modern amenities such as high-speed internet connectivity, conference rooms for meetings or events, printing facilities, and kitchen facilities. One of the most significant advantages of working in Salt Lake is its proximity to Kolkata's international airport. The airport is just a 30-minute drive away from Salt Lake making it an attractive location for businesses with frequent travel requirements. The area has seen significant growth in recent years due to increased investment by multinational corporations which has led to an influx of young professionals looking for work opportunities in this thriving business hub. In Salt Lake City Kolkata specifically there has been an increase in demand for coworking spaces in recent years with many new facilities opening up around the area. Coworking spaces offer great flexibility with regards to working hours and location. Members can choose when they want to work and which location best suits their needs. This allows them to maintain a better work-life balance while also increasing productivity. Below are the best coworking space in Salt lake :
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Coworking space in Salt Lake Kolkata

Bidhannagar commonly known as Salt Lake is one of the first planned centers in Kolkata. Salt Lake City is emerging as one of the biggest Information Technology destinations in India. Many renowned national and international companies have their campuses located in Salt Lake.

It is brimming with opportunities for people wanting to go into the corporate world. Entrepreneurs, industrialists, and business owners are preferring to set up their businesses and industries in this area.

The emergence of Salt Lake as a tech hub has also popularized the concept of coworking space culture in this area. Many startups were started and are operating through the coworking space. The aim of coworking space in Salt Lake Kolkata is to bring workspaces closer and make them much more accessible for startups and established businesses.

You can also explore Coworking spaces in other major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore.

Nearby locality and organization

Salt Lake shelters an abundant amount of working professionals and has all the basic amenities. The low cost of living here has driven the young population to settle in this area. The concept of coworking space is also gaining popularity rapidly and a large number of companies are adopting the culture. The coworking spaces in this area are extremely affordable and come with innumerable facilities.

The locality is also safe and sound and comprises hospitals, schools, colleges, banks, shopping malls, and grocery stores nearby. All the facilities are available within walking distance which saves them time and money.

The locality is close to the industries and offices as well. Rendezvous, Moss Restaurant, Sonar Tori Restaurant, McDonald’s, La Cucina, Sly Fox Gastro Club, Kareem’s, The Orient, and Rang De Basanti Dhaba are some of the most popular restaurants in Salt Lake. The area also has many temples, parks, and a well-known stadium.


Salt Lake is connected to all the other parts of Kolkata through a well-planned and built transportation system. Buses are the most commonly used public transport in Kolkata since they are convenient and affordable. Both Private and Government buses are functional in Salt Lake and some are equipped with air conditioners as well.

Other popular alternatives include autos, electric rickshaws, taxis, and cabs. The Salt Lake Sector V and Salt Lake Stadium are connected through the Kolkata Metro. The nearest airport and railway station to Salt Lake is the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport and the Kolkata Railway Station both located at a distance of twelve kilometers each. They can be easily reached through always-available public transportation.

Setting up your own space for yourself to use when you’re working may be time-consuming but it’s worth it.

Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Salt Lake Kolkata :

One reason for the growth of coworking office space in Salt Lake is its location. The area is home to several IT parks and tech companies that attract entrepreneurs and startups. Additionally, Salt Lake has good connectivity with other parts of Kolkata through public transport which makes it convenient for professionals to commute. You can also search for a Virtual Office in Kolkata if you don’t need any physical space.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of coworking spaces is their affordability compared to traditional office spaces. Coworking options provide businesses with flexibility by allowing them to scale up or down as needed without worrying about long-term leases or expensive overhead costs. Overall, the growth of Shared Office Space in Salt Lake reflects a larger trend toward flexible work arrangements that prioritize convenience and cost-effectiveness for professionals. Here are the Top 5 Best Coworking Space in Salt Lake Kolkata :

  1. Easy Daftar
  2. Regus
  3. Awfis Eco Centre
  4. Workstreet
  5. Smartworks Victoria Park


1. Easy Daftar

Easy Daftar is one of the best co-working spaces in Salt Lake, Kolkata. It offers an easy daftar process where you can easily sign up and start working in no time. The registration process is simple and all you need to do is provide your basic details like name, contact number, and email address. In addition to these benefits, Daftar also offers flexible pricing options that suit different budgets. You can choose from daily or monthly passes depending on your work requirements. Overall, if you’re looking for an easy daftar process coupled with excellent facilities in the Salt Lake City area of Kolkata then Daftar is definitely worth considering.

2. Regus

With multiple locations across Salt Lake City including Sector 5 & Eco Space Business Park, Regus is one of the largest coworking providers in the world. Its Salt Lake venues offer a range of workspace options such as serviced offices, private cabins, co-working spaces, meeting/conference facilities; catering to businesses from small startups to large corporations. Regus also provides virtual office services for remote workers who need a professional address or phone answering service while working remotely.

3. Awfis Eco center

Awfis Eco Centre in Salt Lake Kolkata is a coworking space that offers a sustainable and eco-friendly environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups. The center is strategically located in the heart of Salt Lake City, making it easily accessible to businesses operating within the region. It offers modern workspaces with natural lighting and greenery that create a calming effect on its users. The Awfis Eco Centre provides high-speed internet connectivity, printing services, conference rooms, private cabins, and lounges for its members. The facility also has an in-house café providing healthy food options that are locally sourced. Members can choose from various membership plans to fit their business needs and budget.

4.Work street

The Workstreet coworking space for rent is perfect for startups and freelancers who are looking for an affordable and comfortable workspace. The atmosphere here is conducive to productivity, with a mix of relaxed and professional vibes. With its convenient location in Salt Lake City, this coworking space provides easy access to public transportation.

Overall, Workstreet Salt Lake Kolkata is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a modern workplace equipped with all the necessary facilities they need to run their business effectively. The flexible membership plans on offer here cater to everyone’s needs- whether you’re just starting out or have been running your business for years. Description of the most popular ones.

5. Smartworks Victoria Park

Smartworks Victoria Park is one of the cheapest coworking spaces in Salt Lake, Kolkata. Located in Sector V, the heart of the IT hub, this workspace offers a perfect blend of modern infrastructure and a vibrant community. The office space is spread across a 47,000 sq. ft. area and can accommodate more than 800 members.

The interiors are designed to provide a productive environment with ergonomic furniture and ample natural lighting. The workspace boasts several amenities such as high-speed internet, uninterrupted power supply, meeting rooms, breakout zones, and a fully equipped pantry. Smartworks also hosts regular networking events for its members to connect with like-minded professionals from various industries.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why choose a coworking space in Salt Lake Kolkata for business?

Salt Lake has emerged as one of the major Information Technology hubs in the country and is home to many working professionals, entrepreneurs, startup owners, and industrialists. One of the major factors that make Salt Lake preferable for setting up a business is its low cost.

The residential buildings and coworking spaces in Salt Lake Kolkata are available at very cheap prices. The working professionals in Salt Lake have very well adopted the culture of coworking space and are utilizing it to the fullest. The atmosphere of the area is also energetic which helps you to learn new things and explore your capabilities.

Salt Lake is the best location to set up a business or to start a career in the corporate sector. It has multiple opportunities for everyone, especially IT professionals.


2. Which is the best coworking space in Salt Lake Kolkata?

The best coworking Space in Salt Lake Kolkata is Technopreneurs’ Surrogate Ventures.


3. Are there any networking opportunities in coworking spaces in Salt Lake Kolkata?
Yes, coworking spaces in Salt Lake Kolkata often host networking events, workshops, and seminars to facilitate collaboration and community building among their members. These events provide opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and startups.


4. Can I reserve meeting rooms in a coworking space in Salt Lake Kolkata?
Yes, many coworking spaces in Salt Lake Kolkata have dedicated meeting rooms that can be reserved by members. These meeting rooms are equipped with presentation facilities, audiovisual equipment, and other amenities to support productive meetings and discussions.


5. Are coworking spaces in Salt Lake Kolkata suitable for freelancers?
Yes, coworking spaces in Salt Lake Kolkata are ideal for freelancers as they provide a professional working environment away from home. They offer a flexible and cost-effective solution with access to amenities and a community of professionals.


6. Can I customize my workspace in a coworking space in Salt Lake Kolkata?
In some coworking spaces, you may have the option to customize your workspace based on your needs. This can include personalizing your desk, adding additional furniture or equipment, or even renting a private cabin or office that can be customized to suit your preferences.