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Coworking Space in Andheri West

The city of dreams Mumbai is one of the most fast-paced and youthful cities in the country. It has a humongous crowd of youth who are busy building their careers.

It is a swarming place for young entrepreneurs and businessmen as it provides a wide range of opportunities and options for them to live as well as to carry their businesses. Many startups, be it on a large or small scale are running there efficiently with the help of coworking space culture.

The culture of coworking spaces in Andheri west was always present but in recent years it has gained immense popularity and has grown rapidly especially in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. It is estimated that in the coming years the culture of working in a coworking space is bound to double.

Mumbai is the headquarters of some of the very popular startups and brands which makes it the preferable choice for people to work here. Moreover, the majority of the people are fascinated by the lifestyle of Mumbai and want to settle and build their careers here.
Many budding startups and flourished companies have their office at Andheri West which operates from coworking spaces. Andheri West overall is a good and safe locality and offers good connectivity to almost all the necessary amenities like hospitals, schools, malls, banks, restaurants, and offices.

The working professionals and youth prefer to set up their office at a location where they don’t have to travel much for their requirements and can easily reach everything they need. In this competitive world, they don’t incline towards wasting their time on traveling to get to the basic requirements.

Some very popular cafes and restaurants like Bombay Cocktail Bar, Lord of Drinks, The Chicken company, Loco Loca, Joey’s Pizza, Bombay Bistro, and several others are nearby and are frequently visited by the professionals working there.

Versova beach is also close and is often visited by the working people to experience peace of mind in their hectic life. The location is perfect to work in a co-working space as it has everything from malls to beaches to restaurants.


With local trains being the lifeline of Mumbai, it is quite easy to reach anywhere at a very insignificant cost, especially for youths. Public transportation like buses, taxis, and autos are also easily available in Andheri West and are majorly availed by people. Other than that the cabs are always there to help, one can easily book a cab at home and travel to the desired location.
Bandra terminus, Andheri, and Lokmanyatilak are some of the major stations in Andheri West. Other than that, the Mumbai airport is also a very short distance from the location which is a plus point for businessmen.
Why choose coworking space in Andheri West for business?
Andheri West overall has a suitable environment for freelancers and working professionals and it provides all the amenities that one wants. Being home to several offices and startups, it offers more exposure and opportunities to explore. People come to Mumbai with dreams in their eyes and Mumbai offers all the opportunities to fulfill them. It provides home and employment to an enormous amount of people. There are comparatively higher job opportunities in Mumbai than in any other major city. At 101 workshare vibe Coworking space is the best coworking space in Andheri West.
Mumbai is the ideal and preferable place to start your business and give wings to your dreams. The aura will motivate you and push you to do your best and excel in your professional life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are the best locations for coworking spaces in Andheri West?

A1. The best locations for coworking spaces in Andheri West are :

Q2. What are the best coworking spaces in Andheri West?

A2. The best coworking space in Andheri West are The BoardRoom Co-Working, Veda CoWorks, The Matchbox Cowork, Chitrshaala studios, at 101 work share vibe.