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Coworking space in Hinjewadi Pune

Hinjewadi is a thriving contemporary suburb with a majority of tech corporations and employment parks. It is the western metropolitan Corridor of Pune in Maharashtra, India.

Hinjewadi is home to a great number of international tech companies along with startups, flourishing within the Rajiv Gandhi infotech park, a large IT and business Park covering an area of 2800 acres.

Nearby amenities

Being the technical hub and home to numerous global technology companies, Hinjewadi is equipped with all the vital requirements of day-to-day life such as Hotels, Bars, Restaurant, Schools, Colleges, Banks, ATMs, and Hospitals. Coworking spaces in Hinjewadi Pune are a great option for small businesses that want a more central place to work without having to pay exorbitant office space rental costs.


Given instantaneous development, Hinjewadi is prone to serious traffic jams during the hours.

Therefore, Hinjewadi Metro Railway is a lifesaver here. Linked with line 3 of Pune Metro Stations, Hinjewadi is properly linked with major sections of the city by rail tracks such as Wipro Phase II, Infosys Phase II, Pall India, Shivaji Chowk, etc.

Why choose a coworking space in Hinjewadi Pune for business?

As we have known earlier, Hinjewadi is home to several global overseeing tech corporations. Many leading companies have chosen this place for their business. Therefore, it appears as a competent choice.

The atmosphere here is quite technology-driven, and the majority of people working here are working in tech companies.

The opportunities here are plenty for deserving candidates, along with the convenience to work. Being a sprawling sector, the motivation attitude of this place is desired by young entrepreneurs.

Coworkingers is always glad to assist you in finding the best coworking space in Hinjewadi Pune according to your needs.

What are the best coworking spaces in Hinjewadi Pune?
The best coworking spaces in Hinjewadi Pune are Lemon Tree Hotel Hinjewadi, Awfis Hinjewadi, and many more.