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Coworking space in Greater Noida

India, the youngest of the countries to be, along with the evolving economy and startup trend, is pacing towards the flexibility of work culture and modernization of every aspect of jobs.

In the midst of all this, coworking spaces are a future requirement, essential as well as desired by the Millenials. Since coworking spaces in Greater Noida offer a great number of advantages, the working professionals are observed to be lured towards them.

As the name itself suggests, coworking spaces are public places where people from different fields of specialization work individually, just under the same roof.

In layman’s terms, coworking spaces are those places where different people perform their respective duties individually in the same place. They just have to pay some amount for using the area, whether every month or as suitable to the owner.

With a certain amount of offered advantages, the home of the majority of the successful startups has a progressing coworking culture, growing in its neighboring city, Greater Noida. Greater Noida is situated sixty-three kilometers from Delhi.


Greater Noida, an hour’s drive from Delhi, is one of the fast-growing regions of our country in every manner possible. Whether we talk about industrialization or the improvement of educational opportunities, Greater Noida has it all.

With excellent connectivity with the metros and other major means of transport services, this area is considered to be the first choice of people looking for coworking spaces with excellent facilities.

The industrialized region of Greater Noida is established in conjunction with western and eastern dedicated freight corridors (DMIC). This town comes under the National Capital Region of our country’s capital and heart: New Delhi.

Greater Noida is also near Noida – one of the largest industrialized townships in Asia.

The average monthly rentals for Grade-A offices in Noida lies between Rs 50-80/sq ft. The advancement of metro connectivity is stimulating the supply and demand of Commercial Real Estate (CRE).

The experts are of the view that Covid has also contributed to inflating the demand for CRE in Greater Noida. Meanwhile, the impending International Airport and formulated film city has further accelerated its rise as a commercial hub.


Metro Connectivity in Greater Noida is commendable. The town has 21 metro stations running within itself. The trains between Noida and Greater Noida run at an interval of ten minutes during peak hours and do not skip stations on weekends. The metro network comprises one line called Aqua Line, extending to a total length of 29.7 km binding 21 stations.

Why choose Coworking space in Greater Noida for business?

You must be thinking about this question too, right? So, let me tell you that Greater Noida is a commercial racing hub home to several IT/ITeS and BPO organizations.

Distinguished hospitality denominations, real estate architects, telecom companies, and many other industries have established sloping office spaces in this town, engaging the populace.

Greater exists as a better plotted and groomed town as compared to its sibling: Noida. That’s why it attracts all the spotlight nowadays.
Which is the best coworking space in Greater Noida?
The best coworking space in Greater Noida is AIC BIMTECH Greater Noida.

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