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On Coworkingers.com, we have curated a list of top-rated office areas in your city. Once you enter your location and post requirements such as the number of features available and price, you can browse through all the available options for office spaces near you. The best part about Coworkingers is that it is entirely based on your needs. We will instantly connect you with shared working spaces who have similar interests as yours so that you can explore new opportunities together. Here are some of the best coworking establishments in Udyog Vihar Gurgaon.
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Coworking space in Udyog Vihar

As we are going forward towards the modern era, the parameters of jobs and work culture have begun to change. People now prefer flexibility and mobility in jobs. People need more decision-making powers in their hands. Decisions related to where they want to work or how much time they would like to work today. They want to enjoy the power of choice.

A coworking culture offers it all. It offers flexible work hours and the decision-making power related to determining where they want to work. People can simply hire a place in any of the coworking places of their choice.

They’ll just have to spend some amount, and they will have the place to discharge their duties.


Udyog Vihar, an estate situated in Gurgaon, Haryana, is home to 1200 industrial and commercial units. Yes! you read it right, 1200 industrial and commercial units. Udyog Vihar is located near the Delhi-Gurgaon Border and 8 km distance from Indira Gandhi International Airport on National Highways 8. It is a significant industrial state in our country, possessing seven hundred and twenty-eight acres, covering all phases.

This well-designed Udyog Vihar is divided into 5 phases: Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV, Phase V, respectively.

Since it is home to 1200 industrial and commercial units, it is worthless to mention its industrial and commercial competence. This place offers every kind of opportunity to people related to industry and commerce.


The area around Udyog Vihar has well constructed and connected roads, merging with national highways wherever required.
Apart from the public means of transport, the companies use chartered buses and cabs for their employees, which is near the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway.

Being the industrial and commercial hub, it also has some other options available. Rapid metro is one of them, which is also known as Rapid Metro Gurgaon. The nearest Rapid Metro Station is DLF Phase III. This Rapid Metro Station is linked to Sikandarpur Metro Station. From this station, it is further attached to various sections of Gurgaon and Delhi.

As the estate offers plenty of transport services to its inhabitants, it’s very convenient for people to work here, either by hiring a coworking space or by buying an individual private office.

Thus, connectivity to your chosen coworking space in Udyog Vihar becomes convenient.

Why is Udyog Vihar suitable for business?

As we have noted earlier, Udyog Vihar is home to twelve thousand industrial and commercial units along with a competent transportation system operating meticulously throughout the city. It can be concluded that this place is a cut out for business.

New entrepreneurs and working professionals looking for an efficient coworking space must consider this place once. Whether we talk about connectivity or industrialisation, or commerce, this estate has it all within its periphery. It matches all the parameters of a developed state.

One of the significant characteristics of coworking spaces like coworking space in Udyog Vihar is networking. Networking can be done easily in the coworking spaces, and people hiring coworking places in this estate must be worth being connected to.

What are the best coworking spaces in Udyog Vihar?

The best coworking spaces in Udyog Vihar are Cube8 Udyog Vihar, Just Office Udyog Vihar, SpazeClub Udyog Vihar and many more.